Black Hat USA 2023

Who am I going to see at Black Hat this year? Word on the street is that Mr. Rogers is planning on attending. Might be a great opportunity to covertly gather more information on him before we strike in October.

Great minds… I’ll be there. We should meet up at our usual spot on the first night.

I’ll be there!! I’m excited for some new toys to play with.

Wouldn’t miss it!

I’ll be there. I’m already tracking the activity of Mr. Rogers and his secretary. They won’t even know I’m there.

ME!!! I’m going.

Planning on it! I’d love to “meet” some of you guys in real life instead of a screen.

I need to juggle some things, but I think I can swing it.

There will be some CISOs there and it will be tempting to play, but let’s stay focused on our prime target Mr. Rogers.

No fun! JK. I’m a professional. I’ll keep my eyes open.

You got it!

No prob, chief.

Of course! That’s the main reason why I’m going.

I promise we’ll still have fun.


Welp, guess we know which event he’ll be attending on Saturday. If anyone is already in vegas we can try to get close to him and drop off this malicious USB @mirveal wrote.

I’m already in vegas so if @mirveal wants to send me the code I can build the USB

Cool I’ll meet up with you. Sending details over Signal.