Dark Web Dumps anyone?

WHATTTTTT!?, I have been owning Facebook profiles like crazy from this recent dark web cred dump. I keep changing their profiles to some dumb influencer called Zach King. Just change their email, password, and phone number and BOOM, I own them. Anyone else find anything cool?

Kinda petty don’t you think? I love using the dark web to hack companies but stealing FB pages? So script kiddie bro.

I was about to dump some stupid files I found on there for a company called Gliterco. They had an external facing file share with some documents inside. Idk, seems like junk to me but you never know! Check out the files, I am hosting them here: Hacked Stuff - Google Drive

Dude are you talking about these guys? https://thomascanfield01.wixsite.com/my-site
This is like the most toxic company I have ever seen. Glad you got something from them. Hopefully some others will attack them further, would love to see what other things you could find on the website.