For-profit company making demands from open source project

The software is open source, meaning all the contributors work for free. The lady who emailed is asking them for a security feature so that it can appease their paid customers, and they’re demanding a target date for it from the people working on this project out of the good of their hearts.

The dev replied after it got picked up by some media sites.

Given that several news sites have featured this matter, I would like to offer further clarification. I genuinely welcome the inquiry about the release, as it is a valid question. However, it would be more beneficial if the context were presented as “we are interested in this, how can we contribute or support financially to make it a reality?” rather than “you are causing issues for our customers.” It is my intention to ensure that the person making the request does not face unnecessary hardships due to a poorly worded comment. Instead, I aspire for major companies to establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with free and open-source software (FOSS).

Pretty mature response actually

Sounds like a beggar issue to me.

It’s already been fixed too. She could have asked a little more politely and less like she was making demands.

Seems like a project manager requesting estimates to appease upper management.

I hope that banks and other regulated customers step up and support this project in the future. It’s the way to go!

Them: I want to use your services

FOSS dev: cool! Pay me please :slightly_smiling_face:

Them: This is extortion