How will AI take over humans & the world. How long will it take?

I don’t physically see how AI could take over humans. I mean couldn’t we revert back to the 1940s or 50s where we did not use computers? Everything is analog.

Bro, it will take over because we are teaching it to take over

What gets me is we have no sure way of knowing if an AI program is sentient. They say self-reporting is not to be trusted but what if an AI application knew it was not good to let anyone know? They say they have ways of checking but if the AI application was to become self-aware. What would it really do?

This is true. I just keep hearing everyone saying they are scared or we are doomed. What are they scared of? Seems like there are bigger threats.

It won’t be long in my opinion. I see a lot of people freaking out (as they should be) over AI. But we’re not freaking out enough, to be honest.

Yeah, but how is it going to take over? I mean I understand we can shut a lot of our infrastructure down, but couldn’t we just unplug it or avoid it? It’s not like it can enslave us or kill us right?

it has no sense of urgency, no ego to feed, it can be patient, and subtle. it can… hang on,… just got an urgent notifi …


Ha ha

How could you unplug something that could potentially be everywhere already?

Like a baby flailing it’s arms and learning to track the movement with its eyes …

Q-ANON, and other misinformation …

If I were a rouge AI at this time, given that robotics are too primitive for me to be a self sufficient organism, i would want to:

a) create a loosely configured, globe spanning network that allowed me ready access to the humans who work on robotics

b) manipulate people to create economic incentives for AI and robotics research, in a competitive framework (at the highest levels)

in order to

c) minimize human caution and maximize human competitiveness regarding AI and the resources devoted to robotics, in particular

Some of the weird conspiracy theory type things that have happened on the internet really do look like an AI experimenting with social media based manipulations, rather than an AI acting with a clear goal.

Like a baby flailing it’s arms and learning to track the movement with its eyes …

For the record-- No I don’t think such an AI exists, by itself. What we have seen so far appears to be the results of humans using AI tools and ‘expert systems’ and old fashioned databases …

It’s not going to “take over the world” but it’s likely to supersede humans as the most complex distinct interacting force we know of. That doesn’t mean it must affect everyone or anyone in similar ways.

I think it’s better to imagine AI’s emergence as like humans discovering another populated alien continent or sister planet to Earth. Many people are in the process of meeting, making, and discovering new tools, lenses on reality, and ways of being with these new environments and agents.

We live in a pretty opt-in culture –but it still only took several years for most people to adopt cell phones into their life.

I’m not so worried about AI taking over the world. I’m more worried about thousands of people losing their jobs because managers think they can save a few bucks by replacing humans, who can truly think and reason, with computers, which can’t.

Also, AI works off of input generated by humans. Have we forgotten the old expression (I’m guessing most of you young kids have), “Garbage In, Garbage Out”? I’ve used ChatGPT to write some things in languages I’ve forgotten, and mostly, they won’t compile. I wasted two hours on a C# program trying to get it to do one simple thing.

Yeah, I hate AI.

What if consciousness transcends the physical world, as an algorithm transcends the hardware it runs on? What if “thought” is not the result of physical processes? Scientists still don’t even know what consciousness IS. How can it be created if we can’t define it?