Initiate Scans on docs

Hit the target with nmap but nothing noteworthy came from it.

Hmm we may just have to go the social engineering route then… I really want to see what kinds of docs they have on that site. I bet we make tons of money if we get our hands on anything proprietary.

TGRI has a bad habit of insecure practices. I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to phish one of their employees.

You have someone in mind?

There’s this Miki Kamida lady. She seems to share a lot on social media and is really into networking with people in the tech field.

Ugh of course I forgot my stupid password to the scanner host again…

You need help there buddy? lol

Yeah please lol

Changed it to something simple. You definitely wanna change that since I’m pretty sure that password is in the top 10 million list. Probably the top 1000. I just don’t have access to my password manager at the moment to gen up a good pass.

Eh I’ll change it later lol. Can’t SSH to my account without my private key anyway so I think I’m good for now.