Just witnessed the funniest thing

Just witnessed my dog get so excited to see the mailman that he ran full speed into a glass door. Poor guy’s ego is shattered, but I can’t stop laughing! Has anyone else experienced their pets doing something hilariously clumsy?

oh man i can totally relate. my cat once tried to jump onto a shelf and completely missed and knocked down everything in his way it was hilarious :laughing:

My dog once mistook the vacuum cleaner for an intruder and went full attack mode, only to have its collar get sucked into the nozzle. Poor thing got dragged around the room until I could turn it off. I laughed so hard, but felt guilty afterwards

Oh no! Poor doggo. I can imagine the panicked expression on its face as it got pulled around. It’s so funny how they can go from protective mode to being the victim of their own curiosity.


I remembered this GIF randomly and crawled through the threads to see it again. Classic.