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Seen any good movies lately?

OMG yes! I went to go see the Barbie movie in theaters and it was transformative

No way, there is no chance in this world that the Barbie movie is better than Legally Blonde.

So your wrong and im gonna tell you why.
Barbie is actually an exploration of gender roles and the expectations that are put on men and women based on pre-established roles from the moment we are borne. Roles we did not subscribe to by choice, rather boys and girls are forced into these roles through coercion or pressures from the community around them and anything that deviates from that expectation is criticized at the least and eradicated at its worst.
In Legally Blonde the portrayal of Elle as a Airhead Blonde Sorority Gril is meant as a tool to convey the overarching message that just because something is wrapped in a pink and pretty bow does not mean it is worthless or to be disregarded. Admittedly I did enjoy the scenes that directly confront sexist and misogynistic behavior in the practice of the law or any other field that is considered to be a “boys club”. Unfortunately, the whole thing is a bit under cut by the exaggerated “Dumb Blonde” stereotypes exhibited in the entire movie.
Whereas in Barbie we get to see the direct effect of the characters entering the real world and how sexism and Gender inequality influence and force them to fit into a role that ultimately makes Barbie and Ken unhappy. Heck Ken is the best reason I got for why the barbie movie is better than legally blonde, the beginning of the movie directly says that “ken only has a good day if barbie notices him”, much like the real world where guys are only focused on getting the attention of women to be considered legitimate men. Later on in the movie Ken leans into toxic masculinity (or at least an exaggerated depiction of it) and the other Kens take suite making them yet again all the same as when they started (except for Allan, cus he’s just Allan, there is only one of him). The kens are only truly liberated when they no longer need the approval of the barbies of the affirmations of other men trying to uphold the standard of toxic masculinity but instead have the choice to be individuals themselves like the Barbies.


I saw the Goonies for the first time. Star wars. And Fight club.
overall rating
Goonies: 7/10
Star wars: 6/10
Fight club: 8/10

How are you gonna give Goonies that low of a score!?!?!?!
also your going to give the entire series of star wars a 6??? the Prequals alone should earn it a 8 at least!
Fight club is adequately rated tho…

There is more than one Star wars!!!?!?!?!?!?

Havent seen any movies lately but I have been watching Ted Lasso for the first time and Mr Robot for like the 8th time.

Both Leet Level Shows :sunglasses:


I was barely able to slog though the first half of predestination last week.

The first half of the second half?

Does it matter?

… I mean… Kinda?.. not Realy? Wait? im gonna have to think on that one for a while.

Alright Everyone! favorite Halloween movies? I’m trying to get a whole section on my Plex server just for spooky movies.

One Dark Night with Meg Tilly, and who can forget PHANTASM!!! When I saw that (at age 19), I was too scared to walk back to my dorm room! Absolute cult classics!