Predictive Programming

My favorite conspiracy is “Predictive Programming”. Predictive Programming states that when the Evil People in Charge (EPIC) make a deal with … Non-Incarnate Conscious Entities (NICEs) to gain power in exchange for their immortal souls, the EPICs are bound by certain rules, imposed by the Global Organization for Our Destiny (GOOD). One of those rules is that if EPIC has an evil plan, it is required to warn Naïveté Occupies Relaxed Mental Inertia Environment (NORMIEs) about the upcoming events.

Well, this obviously kind of ruins everything for EPIC. What good is an evil plan if you have to warn everyone? Fortunately (for EPIC), they’ve figured out a loophole. The rule doesn’t specify HOW they have to warn the NORMIEs. So, EPIC sends out encoded messages in newspapers, books, movies, advertisements, etc, using cryptic symbols that only the Illumined Ones can understand. So, the Illumined Ones are alerted to the plans, but the NORMIEs can’t understand… so that’s not really EPIC’s fault, is it?

This is why we see movies, TV shows, books, comics, etc. that have events in them that are eerily similar to actual events months or YEARS before the actual event! Pretty crazy, huh?


Okay, so I know @TheZeal0t thinks I’m a NORMIE, but I’m skeptical. Can you give us any concrete examples?

Here ya go…

Perhaps the oldest example of predictive programming is found in Morgan Robertson’s novel The Wreck of the Titan or Futility that was published in the year 1898. The book tells the story of a glorious ship named Titan that is believed to be unsinkable but during its voyage in the month of April in the North Atlantic ocean, the ship hits an iceberg and drowns along with the 2,500 passengers on board.

About 14 years later, RMS Titanic met the same fate in reality as that of Futility’s Titan. On April 15, 1912, the Titanic sank in North Atlantic with 1500 passengers after colliding with an iceberg. Apart from the month, location, and conditions in which the ships crashed, the dimensions and speed of the fictional Titan and the real Titanic were also found to be almost similar. However, a large number of ships have been sunk by icebergs, so it is hardly surprising that both someones would use it as the subject of a novel, and that it would occur in real life.

Predictive Programming

So… EPIC sank the Titanic, but WARNED about it years before it happened? Riiiiiiiight!

Like, how did they KNOW there was going to be a ship called “The Titanic”? Or did they create it after the fact, just to sink it? And how did they get the iceberg to hit it?

I know I’m kinda dumb, but I don’t buy it!

Funny you guys should bring this up now…

So it appears Lytton Labs is going to be opening up a new Academy after we got them shut down last year. They managed to clear out the old building of any evidence before the Feds showed up, so we didn’t get Lytton Labs turned off completely. For obvious reasons, I didn’t report to the Feds the little “Shovel Incident” that my (formerly) dear friend Stephanie W. bestowed upon me, nor did I report my kidnapping by Dr. Geshichter and Dark Angel.

I found this video online about the new Lytton Labs Academy:

Lytton Labs Academy Opens Halloween 2023!

I’ve watched it through a few times. Some of the video is old, so at first I thought the artifacts in the video were all from one of those old Super 8 cameras, or were the cut-scene symbols you often see in old TV shows or movies. But then I started thinking there might be more to them, since they also appear in the newer sections of the video. Check it out, and tell me what your thoughts are on it.

AI is good for ONE thing, apparently… some more definitions for “NORMIE”, from ChatGPT…