Question about encrypting files

I have a question regarding file encryption. I want to ensure the utmost security for my sensitive files. What encryption methods or tools do you recommend? Any pro tips or personal preferences? Thanks in advance!

Ah, file encryption is essential for maintaining security and privacy. Personally, I highly recommend using AES-256 (Advanced Encryption Standard with a 256-bit key). It provides top-notch encryption and is widely considered unbreakable for now. Just make sure you use a strong passphrase to lock your files!

While AES-256 is indeed a strong encryption algorithm, I’d also like to bring up the option of using a hybrid approach. You can combine AES-256 with RSA encryption to enhance security. The RSA algorithm can be used for key exchange and authentication while employing AES-256 for the actual file encryption. This adds an extra layer of protection to your sensitive files.

Or use asymmetric encryption if you REALLY want to protect your files.