Road trips suck

I just finished a 5 hour road trip with my family and I’m exhausted.

That sounds like a long road trip! How was it?

It was a great trip overall, but I definitely could have used more rest stops.

Where did you end up traveling to?

We did a big loop up the coast and then through the inland mountains. We had a great time exploring all the different places!

My guy is on a road Trip Ill send updates on how it goes.

I am heading to Salem, MA for Halloween this year, think I am going to try to learn the halloween theme song to drive everyone crazy during the 4 hour drive :rofl:

This Guy seems to be going in the totally wrong direction from where we think TG is located what the heck is he doing?

False alarm he seems to be heading in the right direction now it took me a bit to figure out his last Instagram post. He also seems to be loosing steam so i might be able to catch up to him soon.

what a lucky break! I wanted to Go to Defcon this year and luckily my target ended up going there, I ended up hanging out with him for a bit, guy seems like such a greenhorn I couldn’t help but take pity on him so I showed him a bit of the ropes a bit.