Scam-azon Site Needed

Anyone wanna build a fake shopping site that we can use to target TGRI or Lytton employees? I’m swamped at the moment otherwise I would do it.

When do you need it by?

Pretty soon. We’re nearing the end of their fiscal year so I know they’ll be trying to spend the rest of the year’s funds on equipment and FAST. So there’s no better time than now.

I won’t have the bandwidth for at least another 2 weeks :worried:

I’m helping luci otherwise i’d help

You know what… I’ll go ahead and give it a shot lol. I’m the best at programming but how hard could a web app be?

You sure lil? It doesn’t need to be anything crazy, just enough to fool TGRI/Lytton folks to create an account and enter payment info. Super easy.

I’ll see what I can do :sweat_smile:

I’ll help once I get done with this processing app. IF I ever finish it lol.

Idk how good you are with APIs but it might be a good idea to include one so we have easy access in JSON format to the data our victims provide.

You’re asking a lot from a programming noob but I’ll do my best :sweat_smile: