TGRI and Lytton Labs

Hey so I’ve got word that TGRI has been doing work with Lytton Labs. Apparently they get a ton of government funding to run some pretty crazy experiments. Idk if they’re aligned to Big Pharma or MK Ultra type stuff or what, but I kinda wanna see if they have any data we can steal and make $$$ off of.

You have someone in mind that works at either TGRI or Lytton?

What a coincidence… I work there :laughing:

What do you need?

Someone older for sure. They always fall for the easy social engineering campaigns.

Hold up are you serious?? Help me out here, who would be a good target? Someone who probably falls for social engineering or has an easy-to-guess password?

Yep :rofl:

Ummmm we have this one lady in the R&D department. Idk if she’ll fall for social engineering but she overshares on social media all the time. My guess would be she has a predictable password.

Her name is Miki Kamida.

Did some digging and added her as a Facebook friend. I’ve got a bunch of data on her we can use to build a dictionary.

Build the dictionary off what you have. I’ll see about mangling it a few ways.

I think I found a guy who is getting an admin job or something at their HQ?
he mentioned on his Facebook that he is getting a job there.

@sunstalker can you confirm this? I know you work there but do you know where the HQ is?

No clue to both questions unfortunately but if you can somehow figure out how to get the location from him that would be sweeet.

Seems like he is taking a trip “cross country” ? what the heck? is TGIR not on the east coast?
I also did some snooping and found out he has an Instagram and LinkedIn profile too. It was easy enough seeing as he used the same photo for each one .

@gh0st404 see what your options are, if you can get us that location I may have something we can use against TGRI. @sunstalker I might need your help with this since you have insider information.

Loud and clear, I can be mobile since I work remote, I can go ahead and try to keep pace with him but I need to know what direction he is going. I’ll monitor the social media front till I get a hit on his location.

Alejandro almost gave me the slip but luckily he circled back to attend Defcon, So I can get him there.

@gh0st404 My and @sunstalker worked on that payload we sent you,
you can find more info in here
Sequence (9.4 MB)

I trust you know how to open it.

Older? What are you trying to say, kid?