What chaos can we wreak in 2023?

Alright people, it’s time for us to figure out who we’re going to wreak havoc on this year. My thoughts are… we should go beyond targeting just the financial sector. Let’s broaden our scope and hit Big Pharma! Feel free to hit up other sectors too, but my initial thoughts are we should hit the following companies specifically:

  • De Monne Financial
  • Aurora Pharmaceuticals
  • TGRI
  • Eastern State University


Sounds like a solid plan. We should definitely target Big Pharma and the other sectors you mentioned. We’ll need to do our research and plan out our attack carefully to ensure maximum success. Let’s get to work!

Yeah, I agree. Big Pharma is making a fortune off the population’s misery. They deserve a lesson!

I like those targets. Those are all very shady organizations. Definitely yes on the banks? They’re getting away with financial fraud all the time and only get slaps on the wrist from the government.

I am 1,000% with you on this. Cronin, De Monne, they’re all criminal scum. We should show them that we’re in charge!

Something is going down at TGRI, I think I’m gonna see if I can Find an in with them, I’ve heard strange stories that they are taking on some shady military contracts.

I think I have an Idea of where to start!